Brooke and RohanABOUT:
International Flower Day (IFD) is to be held annually on the 19th January. There needs to be a day that's about spreading happiness to others by means of a simple flower! So, Brooke and Rohan are declaring it! :)

By joining our initiative, you can help spread the concepts of respect, appreciation, acceptance and gratitude as you connect with the different people you encounter in your everyday lives. 
Throughout the year, there are special days to celebrate mothers and fathers. There is even a day that reminds us to declare our love for our sweetheart. International Flower Day intends to take the foundations of these special days and build upon them. The aim of IFD is to provide an opportunity to demonstrate inter-connectedness. To stop, consider and appreciate the connections we have with the people around; friends, family and strangers alike. International Flower Day is about stopping and smelling the flowers, not just the roses. It's about being aware of the everyday things we have and taking the time to be appreciative. Simply put, the idea is that gratitude is the key that opens the door to happiness! Be grateful for who is in our lives, express it with a simple flower and an expression of thanks. It really is that simple! It's quite amazing how such a small gesture can make a difference. Just do it! Give someone a flower, see what they do and say…and how you feel for having made a small, yet meaningful difference to someone’s day.
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